It’s groundbreaking day for Maude’s Garden at the Memory Hub!

February 02, 2022

Yesterday at the Memory Hub was ground breaking - literally! Construction of Maude's Garden, WA State's first public memory garden, started in full. We are thrilled to be working with local sustainable landscaping company Stone Soup Gardens on the garden hardscape.

This day comes almost 2 years after we held a wonderful focus group with members of the memory loss community to give feedback and insight on the plan for this therapeutic botanical garden for people living with dementia. In the time since, we faced delays because of the pandemic, but we found the time useful to gather the generous donor support needed to make this project successful in the long run. It's actually happening! You can come see the garden at the Memory Hub Grand Opening celebration on March 23, 2022. Or, take a free Thursday tour to see the creation unfolding in its very early stages. Learn more and register.


Maude's Garden team members Genevieve Wanucha and Marigrace Becker

Thank you to Stone Soup Gardens for getting the hardscape started!

Stone Soup Garden's Jake Harris