Welcome to Maude’s Garden

A botanical oasis offering respite, social connection, and nature engagement to people living with dementia, caregivers, and the wider community.

Inspired by the continuing interest in nature and garden experiences in our community, the Memory and Brain Wellness Center created a memory garden for people living with dementia. Named Maude's Garden in honor of our late community member and advocate Maude M. Ferry, this memory garden is uniquely designed to enhance the lives of people living with dementia, as well as provide a relaxing, restorative space for all. The garden will serve as a spot for drop-in gardening, socializing, and nature-based activities, such as horticultural therapy. This memory garden opened March 2022 at Memory Hub, located beside the Frye Art Museum.

The garden design process is ongoing and incorporates feedback from community members living with memory loss and care partners from a focus group in February of 2020, as well as lessons learned from the Garden Discovery Walks program of the MBWC/Seattle Parks and Recreation and a visit to our friends at the Portland Memory Garden.

What makes Maude's Garden a memory garden? We applied and built on the key features of therapeutic landscape design in our process of creating a garden for people living with memory loss and their loved ones. Learn more!

Our Supporters 

Thank you to our donors and creators:

Philanthropy: Richard M. Ferry, Aaron and Gwen Colwell, Carl Westphal, Patricia Klingler

Plants and materials: Karen and Rick McMichael, Bill Waldman, Mike & Lacy Gage of Blue Moose Farm in Salem, Oregon, Annika Noreen, Laura Westbrook, Jean Chen, Debbie Wheeler, Jesse Cohen

Garden Artistry: Stone Soup Gardens - Maude’s Garden hardscape / Acoustic Arts, UK - Spiral acoustic sculture, with woodwork by Carl Westphal / Genevieve Wanucha, Margaret ‘Peach’ Jack, and Laura Rumpf - Botanical design / Cal Dobrzynski - Maude’s Garden logo

What's Growing in the Garden

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Program and Activities Schedule

  • Garden Discovery - Fall 2022

      Friday, December 2, 2022 at 10:30am

      Connect with nature and engage in horticultural therapy activities with others living with memory loss and friends and family

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