Team Spotlight: Ann Mathew, Memory Hub Design Intern (UW School of Art + Art History + Design)

January 04, 2024

Art, Dementia-Friendly Community, Memory Hub Spotlight, Programs

Ann Mathew is a Design Intern/Volunteer at the Memory Hub. She is a graduate student at the UW School of Art + Art History + Design, where she is pursuing her Masters in Interaction Design. Her thesis explores what a future dementia inclusive society would look like. In a dementia inclusive society, people with living with dementia and their care partners fully participate and feel like they belong and are respected. 

 The community weaving project at the Memory Hub Open House, meant to reflect the collaboration at the heart of dementia-friendly communities.

When Ann heard about the Memory Hub from a friend, she attended an Open House in October. "I really loved the space and all the activities that were happening," she says. At the Open House, Ann helped guide visitors in a community weaving project, by handing out strips of fabric and ribbon for people to weave through the cords of a loom.

One of Ann's favorite initiatives at the Memory Hub is the Legacy Letters program that she helped facilitate. This 6-week program paired a student with an individual living with early stage dementia to help write a letter about their life. It was offered at the Memory Hub this fall by the UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center, in collaboration with UW Goldsen's Institute's Healthy Generations, and King County Veteran's, Seniors, and Human Services Levy. 

"This program fostered intergenerational friendship, friendships that are otherwise difficult to find. It was so wonderful to meet all the individuals and hear all their stories, experiences and perspectives. It was special to be vulnerable around people that have a wealth of experience," she says.

Outside of work and design studies, Ann loves going to art galleries and museums. "Seattle is the best place for this as well! Every new city I visit, I make sure to visit at least one museum or gallery while I'm there. I spend hours and don't realize how time goes by."