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Team Spotlight: Katie Zeitler, MBWC Program Manager of Dementia Friends

January 26, 2024

Katie will manage and continue to support the expansion of the much-needed public outreach and awareness program throughout Washington state.

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Team Spotlight: Ann Mathew, Memory Hub Design Intern (UW School of Art + Art History + Design)

January 04, 2024

Ann is working as a design intern and volunteer at the Memory Hub while working on her UW Design Thesis on dementia and social inclusion.

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Team Spotlight: Josie Beierl, Social Work Practicum Student

December 01, 2023

Josie Beierl talks about her role at the Memory Hub and what inspired her interest in social work in the area of memory loss and dementia.

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Meet Samantha Lafontaine, MBWC program manager for Project ECHO Dementia

October 31, 2023

Samantha Lafontaine is the new MBWC program manager for Project ECHO Dementia, a virtual clinic and telementoring program that brings together care providers from across the state to discuss case studies and best practices in diagnosis, care, treatments, and research.

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Team Spotlight: Susan Kopka, Front Desk Volunteer

August 25, 2023

Susan Kopka is one of the five active front desk volunteers at the Memory Hub. She has worked as a medical social worker and a community college art teacher, focusing on drawing and photography.

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Team Spotlight: Allyson Schrier, Program Manager of Project ECHO® Dementia

August 02, 2023

As program manager for the ECHO Dementia program, Allyson Schrier has brought management expertise and creativity to this critical resource for care providers across Washington State. Her experience as family caregiver motivates her work. She is now moving on to devote more time to her role as co-founder of Zinnia TV. Her story shines a light on the work of ECHO Dementia to equip primary care physicians to detect and diagnose dementia.

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Memory Hub Team Spotlight: Mary Jane Knecht,  On-Site Collaborator

July 05, 2023

Our on-site collaborator Mary Jane Knecht of the Frye Art Museum retired in June, sparking off bittersweet celebrations of her foundational role at the Memory Hub and her legacy in the field of Creative Aging.

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Memory Hub Team Spotlight: Kathy Bainbridge, Front Desk Volunteer

June 02, 2023

"I think of volunteering as a donation. But not a donation of gobs of money, but rather of time."

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Tips for Brain Health: Food for Brain Health and Wellbeing

May 31, 2023

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month! This week, we are sharing evidence-based information about promoting brain health through food choices.

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Family zimbabwe

Tracing the Vision for the Memory Hub…to Zimbabwe

May 05, 2023

Memory Hub Director, Marigrace Becker, shares how her time living with a host family and volunteering in Zimbabwe formed her early vision for creating a welcoming community of respect for people living with memory loss.

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The Memory Hub… One Year In!

March 01, 2023

The Memory Hub brings together UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center (MBWC), the Frye Art Museum, the Alzheimer’s Association, Elderwise, and Full Life Care. Read on as our collaborators share updates and reflect on the growth at the Memory Hub.

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Dementia Friends Champion Spotlight: Katie Freeman

January 27, 2023

Dementia Friends Champions help us spread the word about supporting people living with dementia. This spotlight features the great people championing our shared mission to make communities more dementia friendly.

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Dementia Friends Champion Spotlight: Seton FitzMacken

January 06, 2023

Dementia Friends Champions help us spread the word about supporting people living with dementia. This spotlight features the great people championing our shared mission to make communities more dementia friendly.

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Deb front desk

Meet the Front Desk Volunteers of the Memory Hub

November 30, 2022

The Memory Hub welcomed the first group of front desk volunteers this fall! We currently have 4 active front desk volunteers, with a 5th joining soon. The front desk volunteers are the first contact that visitors have upon entering the community center. Each volunteer brings a commitment to the Memory Hub mission, a compassionate and helpful spirit, and respect and kindness for folks living with memory loss and their caregivers. Join us in welcoming Deborah, Teresa, Julie, and Tanya!

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Memory Hub Spotlight on: Deb Cayz, Operations Lead

October 31, 2022

My role as the Operations Lead entails managing daily operations for the Memory Hub community ensuring a welcoming vibrant space, with systems fully functioning and always improving so that program, services and events meet their objectives to educate, engage, support and celebrate.

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