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The Tech Lab at the Memory Hub features regular hands-on consumer technology demonstrations for people with memory loss and care partners, and trainings to learn how technology can promote social connection, emotional and physical wellness, and independent living. We plan to maintain a library of devices, such as tablets, smart speakers, virtual reality headsets, and more.

On Tuesdays we are offering one-on-one consultations for technology questions, as well as monthly talks and workshops on technology topics such as internet safety, password management, smart home devices, and helpful apps for your cellphone. We will be welcoming guest speakers from UW who are experts in fields of technology and aging. We welcome your ideas for topics, and look forward to your participation.

Consults at the Tech Lab

On Tuesdays, Dr. Carolyn Parsey offers one-on-one 30-minute consultations for technology questions between 11am and 2:30pm. You can reserve a time slot on our booking page.

Dr. Carolyn Parsey will answer questions about your current devices (cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc) or devices you are considering purchasing. Bring your questions and devices!


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