E-Books, Tech Help & More: An Intro to Seattle Public Library’s Tech Resources

March 02, 2023

Did you know that in 2021, nearly 10 million items were borrowed from the Seattle Public Library, including 6 million digital items such as e-books, audiobooks, or other digital content? With options like books, magazines, newspapers, movies, and music, there are many options to choose from!

What’s an e-book, you ask? E-book is short for “electronic book” and is the same book you would read as a paperback, only you can read it on a device such as a laptop, tablet, or e-reader. Libraries lend e-books just like a hard copy, by checking it out through the library system and then downloading it onto your device.

On Tuesday, February 21, the Tech Lab welcomed Emily Billow of the Seattle Public Library for a workshop on e-books and digital content. Attendees brought their e-readers (e.g., Kindles, tablets) and smartphones and learned to download and use “Libby” (also known as OverDrive), a free app for e-books, audiobooks, and e-magazines through the library system. The Libby app serves as the online “bookshelf” for the electronic books and magazines that you borrow through the library, making them accessible wherever you have your e-reader or tablet.

We also learned about other online programs and digital content available through the library. Did you know that you can read back-issues of the Seattle Times, take a class through LinkedIn Learning, or learn a new language through their online resources? They also host virtual classes for relevant topics, such as tax preparation or citizenship classes online. Take a look at some of the available resources at the links below. And if you need help getting started, sign-up for a one-on-one technology consult with Dr. Parsey at the Tech Lab.


Learn more about e-books and the Libby/OverDrive app:


Technology resources from Seattle Public Library: