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FTD Education Day: Learning, Resources, and an Art Showcase

December 13, 2018

UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center's FTD Education Day offered resources and support for people affected by the leading cause of dementia under 60 years of age.

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‘The Wonderful Awareness of Living’: Poems by David Leek

November 28, 2018

David Leek, a community member, invites us to read his poems written after a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's disease: It's All Good / The Feast of Life

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Personal Experiences with Lewy Body Dementia

November 28, 2018

Jean Rough shares her personal experience with a difficult diagnosis and the struggles, sources of support, and daily life strategies found along the way.

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In the Eye of the Beholder

May 23, 2018

Take a moment to look closely at 'Witnessing,' a piece of art exploring dementia and personhood, as contributed by Genevieve Wanucha of the UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center

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Mother’s Day with memory loss or dementia [Video]

May 07, 2018

Mother's Day is still a reason to celebrate if your mother or loved one has memory loss or dementia. Karen Clay, a social worker with the UW Medicine Memory and Brain Wellness Center in Seattle, offers tips for having a good day with your loved one. "She may not remember what you said, but she will remember how you made her feel."

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Grand Prize in National Dementia-Friendly Photo Contest

April 20, 2018

For Seattle resident Jean Mills, living with memory loss has been a catalyst to help others – and has catapulted her to national fame!

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‘Matter of Fact’: A Poem by Dr. Ron Louie

January 17, 2018

In the current issue of Neurology, read a poem about witnessing a life-changing diagnosis of brain disease and the "beauty of humane consciousness".

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Garden Walkers

September 21, 2017

A reflection on benefits of nature and horticultural therapy-inspired activities for the human body, mind, and spirit, through the lens of the Garden Discovery Walk program in Seattle.

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Dancing to Remember

September 05, 2017

One man's creative quest to support Alzheimer's disease research invites us to take a 'twirl' through the science of brain healthy activities

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Food for Thought with Alzheimer’s Advocate Chef Madison Cowan

June 16, 2017

Chef Madison Cowan wielded his star power to support Alzheimer's awareness and research and shared his tips for brain-healthy eating.

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The Alzheimer’s Talks Debut

May 25, 2017

Michael Reagan shared humanizing portraits of his father President Reagan, the lessons he learned from his family's experience with dementia, and his hopes for research funding.

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Encore of the Art of Alzheimer’s

December 30, 2016

Come see this pioneering exhibit of thought-provoking art by vibrant people with memory loss or dementia.

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Highlights of the 2016 UW Elder Friendly Futures Conference

September 20, 2016

The event featured transformative views on clinical care in geriatrics and neurology, research, and creative community improvements.

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Life with dementia: Seniors expand children’s awareness

August 24, 2016

The pioneering group of the Our Time Has Come workshop has culminated in a community action project to raise dementia awareness in the younger generation. [VIDEO]

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When Theatre and Neuroscience Collide

July 05, 2016

Behind the scenes of 'A Few Things Remain,' our play about memory, family, and dementia for Infinity Box Theatre's Centrifuge.

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